Transform Customer Engagement with Talon.One and AbsoluteLabs

Achieve data-driven personalisation, promotions and loyalty program success with our combined Talon.One expertise and seamless integration capabilities.


  • Strategic Consulting: Assess your existing promotions & loyalty strategies, customer data, and business goals to develop a tailored implementation plan.
  • Expert Integration: Seamlessly integrate Talon.One with your CRM, Point of Sale, e-commerce platforms, marketing automation tools, and other critical systems.
  • Custom Development: Build custom functionalities and integrations to extend Talon.One's capabilities and address your unique business requirements.
  • Sustained Support & Optimisation: Provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure long-term success.


  • Tailored Talon.One Implementation: Collaborative discovery sessions lead by Absolute Labs will lead the way to a customised setup which is aligned to your business needs. We ensure a customised setup aligned with your business needs.
  • Seamless System Integrations: Expect your loyalty & promotions program to function harmoniously within your existing technology stack.
  • Data-Driven Insights & Analytics: Gain access to actionable customer data for informed decision-making.
  • Ongoing Support & Optimisation: Receive continuous guidance and optimisation to maximise the value of your Talon.One investment.

Business Outcomes

  • Hyper-Personalised Promotions: Deliver highly targeted offers that resonate with customers and drive engagement.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Create a consistent and personalised experience across all channels, fostering loyalty.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Make informed marketing decisions based on real-time customer behaviour insights.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify loyalty program management from an omnichannel point of view - the business' loyalty and promotions management can happen in one place (Talon) for all channels
  • Increased ROI: Maximise the return on your loyalty and marketing investments.

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