SalesForce Data Cloud Services

Service Overview

We help businesses maximise their Salesforce investments and drive intelligent engagement across channels with Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly Salesforce CDP). Our deep expertise in Salesforce solutions and data activation strategies ensures seamless implementation and maximum value from your data assets.

Challenges We Address

  • Data Silos and Fragmented Insights: Disconnected systems and data sources hinder a complete understanding of your customers.
  • Limited Personalisation: Difficulty delivering tailored experiences due to incomplete or inaccurate customer data.
  • Ineffective Audience Segmentation: Challenges in creating targeted audience segments for personalised marketing campaigns.
  • Lack of Real-Time Actionability: Inability to respond to customer behaviours and preferences in real time, leading to missed opportunities.

Our Salesforce Data Cloud Services

  • Strategic Consulting: Assess your existing CRM, marketing automation, CDP investments, and overall data landscape to optimise your Salesforce Data Cloud implementation.
  • Data Unification, Enrichment, & Activation: Consolidate, cleanse, and activate data from your CDP, Salesforce Clouds, and other sources, creating a 360-degree customer view.
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting: Build dynamic audience segments to power hyper-personalised campaigns across channels.
  • Journey Orchestration: Design automated campaigns that leverage real-time insights, delivering tailored experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Workflow Integration: Embed actionable customer insights directly into your sales and service teams' daily workflows for increased efficiency.
  • Measurement & Optimisation: Establish KPIs, track campaign performance, and continuously optimise your Data Cloud strategies.

Expected Benefits

  • Maximise Existing Investments: Leverage your existing CDP and Salesforce solutions to their full potential with Data Cloud.
  • Actionable Customer Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and empower teams to take informed actions.
  • Hyper-Personalised Experiences: Deliver truly relevant and engaging interactions that foster customer loyalty.
  • Increased Campaign ROI: Optimise marketing efficiency by targeting the right audiences with the right messages at the right time.
  • Improved Data Governance: Implement robust data practices to ensure compliance and build trust.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Make informed decisions based on real-time customer insights.

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