Walmart Opens Up AI-Powered Route Optimisation Tech to Other Businesses

11 Jan 2022
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Walmart is making its self-developed Route Optimisation technology available to other businesses as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This AI-powered logistics tool helps businesses optimise delivery routes, pack trailers efficiently, and minimise miles driven.

Walmart Commerce Technologies makes award winning AI powered logistics tool available to businesses — Retail Technology Innovation Hub (

Benefits of Route Optimisation

  • Reduced Costs: Businesses can eliminate the need to develop their own route optimisation technology, saving time and money.
  • Improved Efficiency: AI algorithms can consider multiple factors to create the most efficient routes, leading to faster deliveries and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By minimising miles driven, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint.

Walmart's Success with Route Optimisation

Walmart has been using Route Optimisation for its own deliveries and has seen significant benefits. The company estimates it has avoided 94 million pounds of CO2 emissions by eliminating 30 million unnecessary miles driven.


Route Optimisation is available to businesses of all sizes and is the second turnkey, white-label solution offered by Walmart Commerce Technologies. The first solution is Store Assist, a SaaS technology that provides local fulfilment services.

What Tech is Being Adopted?

The technology being adopted is AI-powered logistics software called Route Optimisation. This software utilises machine learning algorithms to achieve:

  • Optimised delivery routes: AI considers factors like traffic, distance, and delivery windows to create the most efficient routes for drivers.
  • Efficient trailer packing: The software helps ensure trailers are packed strategically to maximise space and comply with regulations (e.g., cold chain for perishables).
  • Minimised miles driven: By finding the most efficient routes and optimising trailer packing, Route Optimisation reduces the total distance delivery vehicles need to travel.

The Tech Edge: How Technology is Transforming Retail

The retail landscape is undergoing a significant shift, driven by technology. Here are 3 key advantages tech offers retailers:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Technology automates tasks, freeing up staff for higher-value activities.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Retailers gain valuable insights from data to optimize products and marketing.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Technology creates a more seamless and engaging shopping experience.

In conclusion, technology is essential for retailers to compete and thrive in today's market.

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