Supercharge Your Omnichannel Retail with AbsoluteLabs and NewStore

Unlock the full potential of your omnichannel operations with a seamlessly integrated NewStore platform. Our experts ensure a tailored solution that drives efficiency, lowers costs, and maximises the customer experience.


  • Discovery and Assessment: A collaborative deep dive into your existing technology landscape, identifying gaps and opportunities where NewStore's integrated POS, OMS, inventory management, and native shopping apps can create a unified retail experience.
  • Architecture and Solution Design: We'll partner with you to design a NewStore-centric solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring maximum optimisation of the platform's powerful omnichannel capabilities.
  • Implementation and Customisation: Hands-on configuration of NewStore's POS, OMS, inventory modules, and native shopping apps, all tailored to your exact workflows. We'll establish seamless connectivity with your other critical systems.
  • Testing and Deployment: Meticulous testing across all NewStore functionalities (POS, OMS, inventory, apps) to ensure a robust omnichannel experience. We'll support seamless deployment and collaborate on user acceptance testing.
  • Training and Support: We'll empower your team to confidently manage and maintain your integrated NewStore solution. This includes comprehensive knowledge transfer, documentation, and ongoing support as needed. Beyond the initial launch, we continue to offer maintenance and support, regularly updating your system with the latest NewStore features and enhancements to keep your retail operations at the cutting edge.


  • Assessment Report: A detailed analysis of your existing retail systems, pinpointing areas where NewStore's integrated omnichannel approach can create the most significant impact.
  • Solution Architecture Blueprint: A collaborative visual and conceptual map of how NewStore will revolutionise your retail operations with its integrated modules, including connections to your other essential systems.
  • Optimised NewStore Omnichannel Solution: A fully integrated NewStore platform comprised of a streamlined POS, powerful OMS, real-time inventory management, and customer-facing native apps – all tailored to your business specific requirements.
  • Testing Documentation: Records of tests performed and results across core NewStore functionalities, providing quality assurance and a reference for future maintenance.
  • Knowledge Base and User Guides: Comprehensive documentation to help your team understand, manage, and further expand your NewStore omnichannel solution.

Business Outcomes

  • Unmatched Customer Experience: Our experts will collaborate with you to deliver superior omnichannel shopping with deeply integrated customer data, real-time inventory updates within NewStore, streamlined order management across channels, and a seamless experience on your native apps.
  • Unleash Operational Efficiency: We'll configure NewStore to replace disjointed systems, automate manual tasks, reduce errors, optimize workflows, and unlock efficiency throughout your retail operations.
  • Drive Revenue Growth: Leverage our expertise to uncover growth opportunities with NewStore's integrated solution, including data insights, enhanced merchandising, and the agility to capitalize on market demand.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: We'll empower you to outpace competitors by leveraging NewStore's all-in-one omnichannel capabilities, creating a streamlined and adaptable technology stack ready to scale with your needs – achieved through our collaborative partnership.

The NewStore Advantage

  • All-in-one Omnichannel Platform: NewStore eliminates the need for complex integrations between separate POS, OMS, inventory systems, and shopping apps, simplifying your technology landscape.
  • Streamlined Operations: NewStore's integrated nature reduces friction points, leading to more efficient workflows and a better experience for both customers and staff.
  • Enhanced Agility: The unified platform allows for faster adaptation to market trends, new channels, and changing customer expectations.

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