11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Executive Summary

Wolverine Worldwide (WWW Inc.), a global footwear and lifestyle brand leader, faced challenges in managing orders from over 290 trading partners due to disparate file formats and manual processes.

This lack of standardisation caused delays, increased support overhead, and hindered their ability to quickly integrate new trading partners.

AbsoluteLabs leveraged MuleSoft to streamline the order intake process, converting various file formats and enabling seamless integration with SAP.

The result is reduced support needs, greater reliability, and a faster time to market for new partner onboarding.

About Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide (WWW Inc.) is a major global player in the footwear and lifestyle industry, managing a diverse portfolio of established brands including Merrell, Saucony, Hush Puppies, and more. The company operates in over 200 countries and territories.

Customer Challenge

WWW Inc.'s legacy systems and processes couldn't efficiently handle the volume and variety of order file formats received from their extensive network of trading partners.

This necessitated time-consuming manual conversions and uploads, creating bottlenecks and increasing the potential for errors.

Limited process automation slowed down time to market when integrating new partners, impacting WWW Inc.'s agility and scalability.

Why did they work with AbsoluteLabs

WWW Inc. recognised the need for a robust integration solution to streamline its order management process and reduce system complexity.

AbsoluteLabs was selected due to their expertise in MuleSoft, a powerful middleware platform designed for complex integrations.

AbsoluteLabs had a proven track record of success with SPS Commerce, the EDI integrator already in use by WWW Inc., further increasing efficiency.

AbsoluteLabs Solution

AbsoluteLabs deployed MuleSoft to act as the bridge between SPS Commerce and WWW Inc.'s SAP system.

MuleSoft integrations handled the conversion of diverse order file formats into a standardised structure compatible with SAP.

This automation eliminated manual intervention, leading to faster order processing and real-time data integration.

AbsoluteLabs designed the solution with future scalability in mind, making it simple to onboard new trading partners rapidly.

Results and Benefits

WWW Inc. achieved significant operational efficiency gains by removing manual order processing steps, resulting in reduced support requirements and streamlined operations.

The integration enhanced system reliability and data accuracy, ensuring timely order fulfilment.

WWW Inc. can now add new trading partners much faster, improving their responsiveness and supporting business growth.

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