11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Executive Summary

Fitflop, a leading footwear brand recognised for comfort and style, sought to optimize its global distribution capabilities by migrating to new warehouses in the UK and the US.

To manage this complex transition, they needed seamless integration with new 3PL partners, marketplace platforms, and their existing ERP (MS Navision).

AbsoluteLabs provided expert integration services and project management, aligning new systems with core business processes.

The solution enabled Fitflop to streamline warehouse operations, expand its marketplace presence, and enhance customer experience.

About FitFlop

Fitflop is an internationally recognised footwear company known for its innovative, comfort-driven designs. The brand focuses on expanding its distribution network to enhance accessibility for customers worldwide.

Customer Challenge

Fitflop's strategic warehouse migration in the UK and US aimed to optimise its distribution model and improve logistical efficiency.

A critical challenge was to integrate new 3PL partners, marketplace platforms, and customer returns management with their existing ERP system.

Additionally, Fitflop wanted to future-proof its system architecture with potential integrations for Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) compliance and Product Information/Lifecycle Management (PIM/PLM) systems.

Why did they choose AbsoluteLabs?

Fitflop selected AbsoluteLabs based on their in-depth integration expertise and proven success in managing complex logistics projects.

AbsoluteLabs offered a structured, hybrid project methodology tailored to Fitflop's specific needs, combining agile sprints with traditional waterfall phases where appropriate.

Their approach provided clear objectives, timelines, and decision-making processes to ensure a smooth transition.

AbsoluteLabs Solution

AbsoluteLabs established reliable integrations between Fitflop's ERP and the new 3PL warehouse management system.

They seamlessly connected return management processes for improved customer experience.

Integrations expanded Fitflop's marketplace presence and streamlined order flow from these sales channels.

AbsoluteLabs conducted a thorough assessment of Fitflop's TMALL integration, identifying enhancements to optimize its performance.

Additionally, they laid the groundwork for future integrations with PIM/PLM systems.

Results and Benefits

Fitflop successfully modernised its UK and US warehouse operations, resulting in enhanced distribution efficiency and cost optimization.

Expanded presence on key marketplaces has likely increased sales and brand visibility.

Streamlined returns management with nShift improved customer satisfaction.

Fitflop now possesses a robust, scalable technology foundation, ready for future growth initiatives, including potential FTZ and PIM/PLM integrations.

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