11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Executive Summary

Kurt Geiger, a luxury footwear and accessories brand, sought to expand its market reach and optimize inventory management using dropship and marketplace e-concession models.

They aimed to seamlessly integrate with major marketplaces like Zalando, Fenwick, Debenhams, and more, enabling multichannel sales.

Legacy technology systems limited their agility and ability to implement these new sales models.

AbsoluteLabs provided a scalable integration solution using MuleSoft, streamlining Kurt Geiger's connection with marketplaces and e-concession partners.

This transformation enables broader market access, enhanced inventory control, and a superior customer experience.

About Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger is a leading luxury footwear and accessories brand known for its stylish, high-quality products and commitment to individuality and creativity. With a strong online presence and brick-and-mortar stores, Kurt Geiger prioritises a seamless customer experience across channels.

Customer Challenge

Kurt Geiger aimed to capitalise on the growth of dropship and e-concession models to expand its footprint into new territories and marketplaces.

The brand wanted more control over stock and pricing and desired better inventory management following pandemic-related disruptions.  However, their existing legacy technology systems limited their ability to rapidly integrate with external marketplaces and manage a complex, multichannel operation.

Why did they choose AbsoluteLabs?

Kurt Geiger selected AbsoluteLabs due to their integration expertise and proficiency in MuleSoft as a robust middleware solution.

AbsoluteLabs demonstrated an understanding of the complexities involved in both dropship and e-concession models, tailoring their approach accordingly.

They offered a collaborative, Agile-based methodology and provided a comprehensive architecture and technical roadmap for execution.

AbsoluteLabs Solution

AbsoluteLabs leveraged MuleSoft as the integration platform, connecting Kurt Geiger's internal systems with key marketplaces and e-concession partners (Fenwick, Debenhams, John Lewis, Secret Sales, Zalando, etc.).

They designed a scalable solution, providing reusable APIs for processes like product launches and price updates, simplifying future expansions.

AbsoluteLabs employed robust error handling and real-time monitoring for reliable order and inventory data synchronisation.

Results and Benefits

Kurt Geiger successfully extended its reach into new markets through a broader range of sales channels, utilising both dropship and e-concession models.

Optimised inventory management and control of pricing and stock information was achieved.

The integration solution delivered a seamless customer experience across online and offline touchpoints.

Kurt Geiger now benefits from an adaptable technology foundation, ready to support further growth and sales channel expansion.

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